pura lempuyang

Lempuyang Temple is important temples in bali the Balinese visit mandatory in 10 years. Pura lempuyang Hill high in the eastern part of bali. the temple is divided into three layers, penataran agung at the bottom, telaga mas temple in middle of mount hill lempuyang and at the top of the pura puncak lempuyang. pura lempuyang to look different every where, we divide the tour into three. level 1 , level 2 and level 3

level 1 we will bring you to the best places in penataran agung and gunung agung mountain natural look from heaven's Gate.

level 2 we will bring you to telaga mas temple in middle of hill lempuyang.
level 3 we will bring you up to the hilltop lempuyang, with incredible views

pura lempuyang
Start Tour

Lempuyang Temple Tour starts with a pick you up at the hotel around 7-8 am. travel to far, ^ will take approximately 2 - 3.5 hours to get there. If you have entered the territory of tirta gangga waterpalace, scenery there is beautiful because along the way you can see the green rice fields.

pura lempuyang
Lempuyang Temple

arriving at the parking lot pura lempuyang, you will be brought to the pura penataran agung. you will walk about 30 minutes to get there. along the way you can see beautiful landscapes because these locations are at the top of the Hill. on the left and right, you can see the rain forest and beautiful rice field

pura lempuyang
Gate Of Heaven

until in pura penataran agung, you are greeted by the beautiful views of Mount agung. It looks parallel to the temple

pura lempuyang
Take Your Picture Here

going down you are greeted by a gate of the temple, which has a direct view of Mount agung, overlooking the gate became used to the photographers to take pictures with the background of gate and mount agung, a French tourist say this as "Heaven's Gate"

pura lempuyang
Start Level 2

tour for level 1 end here, if you want to proceed to level 2 tour starts from here. We will walk about 30 minutes to get telaga mas. Surrounding area is the rainforest that looks beautiful from the central part of the Hill lempuyang.you will see the natural spring water that flows from a cliff that sanctified by peoples here.

pura lempuyang
Start Level 3

tour for level 2 end here, if you want to proceed to level 2 tour starts from here. you will climb the steps of about 1770 step.

pura lempuyang
Going Top Mt Lempuyang

the time you need to reach the Summit about an hour. However tired along the way will be lost if looking at the beautiful natural surroundings, in the vicinity of the road is the rainforest and

pura lempuyang
pura lempuyang
Rain Forest Around Road

If you've seen small temples with surrounding bamboo, you reach the top. the scenery here is incredible you will see Mount agung on the Western, southern and Northern rain forest, as well as the East are amed beach.

you will go down after seeing view in top hill lempuyang, time down will be more difficult, so you should be more careful in passing with a ladder

pura lempuyang
Lunch Time

finished in pura lempuyang we will bring you to tirta gangga waterpalace, before entering the tirta gangga waterpalace we will bring you to a restaurant to eat after tired in trekking. enjoy lunch here.

pura lempuyang
tirta Gangga

the tour continued to visit tirta gangga. water Palace King of karangasem who made interesting with fountains and walkways on top of a pool of water. goldfish live here with healthy because the water here is a natural flowing spring water. the tour finishes here to level 3.

pura lempuyang
pura lempuyang
Virgin Beach

for those of you who choose level 1 and level 2 tour continued with the visit of virgin beach. beautiful beaches with white sand. the beach is flanked by two hills and beachfront, lots of Palm trees. the facilities here are already complete, so you'll be comfortable if meresa were already on the beach. unique from the beach this is there is a small island on the East Coast. a unique island like a whale.tour end here and back to hotel.


Estimated Time Level 1

  1. Pick Up Hotel. Start On 08.00 Am
  2. Penataran Agung Temple. 11.00 Am
  3. Visit Lempuyang Temple. 11.30 Am
  4. Take Picture. 12.30 Am
  5. Lunch. 13.30 Pm
  6. Tirta Gangga. 14.00 Pm
  7. Virgin Beach. 15.00 Pm
  8. Back At Hotel. 16.00 Pm
  9. Arrive At Hotel. 18.00 Pm

Estimated Time Level 2

  1. Pick Up Hotel. Start On 08.00 Am
  2. Penataran Agung Temple. 11.00 Am
  3. Visit Lempuyang Temple. 11.30 Am
  4. Take Picture. 12.30 Am
  5. Trekking In Middle Mt Lempuyang. 13.30 Pm
  6. Explore View Here. 14.00 Pm
  7. back To parking. 14.30 Pm
  8. Lunch. 15.00 Pm
  9. Tirta Gangga. 15.30 Pm
  10. Virgin Beach. 16.00 Pm
  11. Back At Hotel. 16.30 Pm
  12. Arrive At Hotel. 18.30 Pm

Estimated Time Level 3

  1. Pick Up Hotel. Start On 07.00 Am
  2. Penataran Agung Temple. 10.00 Am
  3. Visit Lempuyang Temple. 10.30 Am
  4. Take Picture. 11.30 Am
  5. Start Lvl 2. 12.30 Pm
  6. End Lvl 2. 14.00 Pm
  7. lunch. 15.00 Pm
  8. Tirta Gangga. 15.30 Pm
  9. Back At Hotel. 16.00 Pm
  10. Arrive At Hotel. 18.00 Pm

What You Should Prepare

  1. Make sure you're in top condition for the tour was mainly in level 3
  2. Don't forget to bring a camera because a moment like this is probably not going to try for the second time
  3. keep the goods properly, because the wild monkeys are here
  4. you have to be breakfast. We also provide bread and mineral water
  5. If you want to swim, don't forget to bring a swimsuit
  6. visiting virgin beaches can be done if enough time because time of trek for trekking differs each person
  7. Note !!! we expect for women, who are menstruating, not to visit this place, because this temple is very purified in bali. we hope with your honesty.

Tour Include

  1. Pick up & drop off (return transfer) by A/C van to your hotel in Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak/Nusa Dua
  2. All entrance fees/tickets including
  3. 1 x Lunch
  4. Bread And Mineral Water
  5. Cash,Credit or Debet
  6. Minimum Booking : 1 Person
  7. Open Time : Monday-Sunday 08.00 Am-Afternoon

Terms And Condition

  1. Small Group Max 6 Person
  2. A Lot of traveler visit lempuyang temple right now,need more than 1 hour to take picture in heaven gate
  3. Tour guide is driver
  4. The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  5. Reasonable and fair price, that means No hidden fee.
  6. For booking 1 person transport private but boat sharing with other traveler.

Tour Location

  1. Lempuyang Temple
  2. East Bali Area
  3. Phones : +6281917084469
  4. E-mail: admin@baliindotour.com

Payment Info

  1. You Can Use Credit Card And Paypal For Payment.
  2. The prices we show Per car and currency with the Dollar American
  3. Dollar American is used to make it easier for you online payment by credit card or paypal
  4. payment cash on the day recommended using the Rupiah ( Indonesia currency ) in order to make it easier you to pay. we will help you to find money changes

Detail Prices Lvl 1
Level 1AdultChild
Person 1 $ 80/Pax$ 30
Person 2 - 4$ 49/Pax$ 30
Person 5 - 8$ 45/Pax$ 25
Person 9 - 12$ 40/Pax$ 20
Person 13 - 16$ 35/Pax$ 20

Detail Prices Lvl 2
Level 1AdultChild
Person 1 $ 95/Pax$ 30
Person 2 - 4$ 57/Pax$ 30
Person 5 - 8$ 50/Pax$ 28
Person 9 - 12$ 45/Pax$ 25
Person 13 - 16$ 40/Pax$ 25
Detail Prices Lvl 3
Level 1AdultChild
Person 1 $ 105/Pax$ 35
Person 2 - 4$ 67/Pax$ 35
Person 5 - 8$ 60/Pax$ 30
Person 9 - 12$ 50/Pax$ 25
Person 13 - 16$ 45/Pax$ 25

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