Bali has a beautiful beach that is famous and crowded to visit, but there are some beautiful beaches and not many tourists know, we call it a hidden beach because the beach is still natural away from the crowds, the merchants and the quiet atmosphere that makes this is a real beach paradise. We will give you an interesting tour by visiting 3 hidden beaches in bali such as gunung payung beach,green bowl beach and bingin beach. please read in full for the tour that we offer.

Gunung Payung Beach

Bali Beach Tour First we visit Gunung Payung Beach. Quiet beach with big waves in the middle of the sea and small waves on the coastline is perfect for people who like the beach, you can sit back on the beach and see the surfers in the middle of the beach and occasionally see fishing boats that stop looking for seaweed. In some corner of the beach there is a natural jacuzzi that you can use to soak your feet.

Explore Gunung Payung beach

This beach is only visited by surfers who have several times come to Bali. There is a small cave of limestone hill, can be used to take shelter in the sun. fo details gunung payung beach visit here : Details Gunung Payung Beach

Green Bowl Beach

next tour will take you to the hidden green bowl Beach, but before going to the beach if you want lunch we will help you find a restaurant that suits you, because on the beach bowl green, no cafe, food seller like other beaches in bali. The first impression of this beach is still natural, you will pass 252 stairs, enough to spend your stamina, on the way you will see the green tree around, with wild monkeys still visible there.

Explore Green Bowl Beach

The first impression you will see when you arrive at the beach is this true beach paradise. Beach is clean, sandy white, not many visitors and no cafe is more value this beach. Take your time here to swim because the calm waves on the beach and the clear sea water is perfect for swimming, walking along the coastline is also interesting here because every corner of the cliff behind the beach, has a big cave can be made for background foto : Details Green Bowl Beach

melasti beach
Melasti Beach

the tour continued visit Melasti Beach is a beautiful beach located below a high cliff. unspoiled blue sea, make this beach to be one of the best in the region Ungasan. because many tourists who visit here, the beach melasti began repaired road to more easily reach the beach. High cliffs cleaved used as a road with many bends. from top, the road looks beautiful with limestone cliffs.

Bingin Beach

The last beach we visit is bingin beach. Beach that leads to the ocean in the west, making this beach one of the best spot to see the sunset. This beach is known by the surfers because the big waves are perfect for surfing.

Sunset View

The beach is not suitable for swimming because the big waves come suddenly, but when the sea water low tide this beach offers a natural jacuzzi that many are on the beach and you can walk until middle of beach. Sitting relaxed while watching the sunset is the best experience here, take your time to rest after swimming at the beach green bowl before. tour end here and if you want to dinner we will help you to find best restaurant in bali : Details bingin Beach

Main Itinerary

  1. Gunung Payung Beach. Ticket : 10.000/Pax
  2. Melasti Beach. Ticket : IDR 10.000/Pax
  3. Green Bowl Beach. Ticket IDR : 10.000/Pax
  4. Bingin Beach. Ticket : IDR 10.000/Pax

Other Place Can Combine

  1. Blue Point Beach. Ticket : IDR 10.000/Pax
  2. Watersport Nusa Dua. Ticket : Free
  3. Padang Padang Beach. Ticket IDR : 10.000/Pax
  4. Other Place Can Combine : This means you can replace the one place in main itinerary.Only One Place

Some Tips For You

  1. Don,t forget to bring a swimsuit.
  2. Make sure you love the beach because we did not offer anything other, than visiting the beach.
  3. Bring a big towel to use to lie on the beach because all the beaches we meet there are no beach chairs rentals to relax on the beach.
  4. We recommend swimming in the green bowl beach because clean and calm water.
  5. Change your clothes in the green bowl parking area,toilet available here, because on the beach there is no toilet.
  6. Bring mineral water while visiting green bowl and gunung payung beach on beach difficult to find tradders.

Tour Include

  1. Pick up & drop off (return transfer) by A/C van to your hotel in Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak/Nusa Dua
  2. The tour will assist by English Speaking Driver
  3. pick up and return to your hotel
  4. Parking fees and petrol
  5. Meal For Driver


  1. Lunch
  2. Entrance Fees
  3. Donation
  4. Other Personal Expenses

Terms And Condition

  1. Small Group Max 6 Person
  2. Estimated time of tour: Start : 08.00 Am and Finish : 05.00 Pm or 06.00 Pm
  3. Tour guide is driver
  4. Tour Duration 10 hours
  5. Extra Charge : 4 Dollar /Hour
  6. The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  7. Maximum 4 place in the tour. You can change 1 place at main itinerary. you can Choose in Place can Combine. wrote in message form when you booking
  8. Reasonable and fair price, that means No hidden fee.
  9. To Have All Information Entrance Fee In Bali Visit : Bali Entrance Fee

Payment Info

  1. You Can Use Credit Card And Paypal For Payment.
  2. The prices we show Per car and currency with the Dollar American
  3. Dollar American is used to make it easier for you online payment by credit card or paypal
  4. payment cash on the day recommended using the Rupiah ( Indonesia currency ) in order to make it easier you to pay. we will help you to find money changes

Detail Schema Prices
ParticipantsTotal Price
Person 1 - 2USD 35/Car
Person 3 - 6USD 37/Car
Person 7 - 12USD 85/Car
Person 13 - 18USD 103/Car

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