Virgin Beach Bali Tour

virgin beach karangasem

Tour to visit the beautiful beaches on the east bali called virgin beach, location is still natural, and see the beauty of the taman ujung palace, and last stop point visit tirta gangga palace. let us see the beauty of these three places in one day

virgin beach karangasem

Beach located on the east end of Bali, named Virgin Beach. This beach is located in the village of Karangasem district Perasi bali. Why is called virgin beach, because the beach is still very quiet and unspoiled by tourists. Beach condition still natural to make the atmosphere at the beach is very quiet and away from the crowds. But actually this beach called Beach Perasi because it is located in the village Perasi.first place we will visit during the tour.

virgin beach karangasem

Bali virgin beaches have sand that is yellowish white, but in some locations a little mixed with black sand. The beauty of the beach is incredible, because the white sand and the sea is relatively colored clear. Some even say that this beach is the number one most beautiful beaches in the relatively quiet bali.The waves very suitable to swim at the beach. Like the other tourist beaches in Bali, on the beach there are also small cafes on the coast that provide seating (sun deck) complete with umbrella.

taman ujung karangasem

Taman Ujung is one of the beautiful garden of the many attractions in Bali. Taman Ujung also called Soekasada garden located in the village of Tumbi, Karangasem District, is approximately 85 Km from Denpasar or 5 Km south Amlapura.
Taman Ujung Karangasem built by King in 1919 and opened three years later or more precisely in 1921 was intended to be the resting place of the king and his family while also to entertain guests of honor who came to Karangasem as a state guest, the Kings friend. in addition to be used as a tourist destination and has a high historical value and has a very central role in the context of state. Here we can see the blue waters of eastern Bali and the majestic Mount Agung, and surrounding areas are filled with rice fields and hills vast fertile.
There is a long concrete bridge that connects the parking areas and the palace area. At the end of the bridge there is an enormous garden. And the northern side there is a small square white building located in the middle of the main pool which is connected by two bridges on the left and right. Next to the pool there are various decorations such as small garden, flower pots, and statues. Shape of the building at Taman Ujung built with a distinctive design and a magnificent blend of authentic Balinese architecture with Europe. This building serves as a bedroom before the king, a meeting room, a family room, and more. Here you can see old photos Taman Ujung and also some photos of the royal family..

tirta gangga karangasem

Tirta Ganga is a name of the tourist area in the eastern part of Bali. Tirta Ganga was once built as a water garden of the king of Karangasem at the time. However, at this time, tirta gangga has become Tourist Attractions in Bali that you should visit.
There are three main things that exist in Karangasem Tirta Gangga parks, gardens, ponds and sculptures. The location of the park Tirta Gangga Karangasem, located in the middle of rice cultivation and water in this park comes from the springs Rejasa. The park was still belonged to the kingdom of Karangasem.
The area of ​​the park Tirtagangga 1.2 hectares, which extends and stretches from east to west. There are three levels of the building in the park Tirtagangga Bali. In the tallest building there is a spring that is under a banyan tree. The second level of the building, there is a swimming pool and a building at the bottom there is an ornamental pond with a fountain.
At the time of tourists entering the park Tirtagangga, the first thing that tourists see is an expanse of water and there is one towering temple on the right. The water in the pool, visitors can see the fish and the bottom of the pool. The water in the park is very clear and cool, because the pool water comes from a spring instead of treated water. The springs in the park Tirtagangga by local people regarded as holy water. Used in, religious ceremony in the area around the park Tirtagangga.
Mata Air Rejasa have a very large amount of water, clear and soothing. One-third of the supply springs Rejasa sent to homes in Amlapura City (the capital of Karangasem) and two-thirds is used to fill the pool and the output of the pool water directly in use for agriculture.

Tour finish here and back to hotel,and if you want to dinner i can bring you to restaurant for dinner.

Main Itinerary

  1. Start On 09.00 Am Tour End : 17.00 - 18.00 Pm

  2. Virgin BeachTicket : Free

  3. Taman UjungTicket IDR : 10.000/pax

  4. Tirta GanggaTicket Price : IDR 20.000

Place Can Combined

  1. Goa LawahTicket IDR : 15.000

  2. Kerta Gosa PalaceTicket IDR : Price List

  3. Tengenan VillageDonation

Payment Info

  1. The prices we show Per Car and currency with the Dollar American
  2. Dollar American is used to make it easier for you online payment by credit card or paypal
  3. payment cash on the day using the Rupiah ( Indonesia currency ) in order to make it easier you to pay. we will help you to find money changes

Schema Price

Number of ParticipantsTotal Price
Person 1 - 6USD 50
Person 7 - 12USD 75
Person 13 - 18USD 105

Tour Includes

  1. The price already include with 21% Government tax and Services
  2. pick up and return to your hotel
  3. Private full air-conditioning car
  4. The tour will assist by English Speaking Tours Driver
  5. Parking fees and petrol


  1. Entrance Fees
  2. Donation
  3. Your Meal
  4. Other Personal Expenses

Estimated Your Cost

  1. Transport : USD 50/car, share with Friends/family max 7 pax
  2. Price Exclude your Ticket
  3. Price Exclude your lunch and Dinner
  4. Price : USD 50
  5. Tour Duration 10 Hours
  6. Extra Charges : USD 5/Hour

Terms and Conditions

  1. Reasonable and fair price, that means No hidden fee.
  2. You Can Use Credit Card And Paypal For Payment
  3. For Group More Than 3 Persons need deposit money 20% From Price
  4. The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion

Bali Culture And Bamboo Forest Tour

  1. Visiting the classical temple
  2. See the waterfall
  3. See old village with house of bamboo
  4. Visit the bamboo forest
  5. See mount batur
  6. Visit the coffee garden
  7. See the temple with natural springs
  8. We combine all in one interesting package in one day

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Title : “Kecak Dance With Sunset”

Too beautiful ! Be careful of monkeys when you carry belongings like sunglasses and hat. We went the places in the 4th week of April 2016 and that day was a very HOT day till a bit dehydration. Very crowded but you still can snap nice photos without people as the place is along the edge of the cliff. Kecak dance entrance fee was IDR100,000 for 1 hour, good place to enjoy the sunset and the dance show is scheduled at 18.00 pm every day.

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Riana M Singapore

Rating :
Title : “Gorgeous oceanic view overlooking from the top of the cliff.”

Walking from the entrance gate towards the temple is paved and you'll find trees on the left and right hand side, it was very beautiful. The temple itself is on the right where you need to climb a number of stairs to get there. It was just really gorgeous though. It's on top of the cliff and it was just magical. I recommend to come here at 5-6pm just before sunset. Watching the sunset from the temple is magnificent! You'll be hypnotized for sure.

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