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Bali is unquestionably one of the best places see beautiful sunset beach bali, but many familiar places you hear like Kuta, Uluwatu, ayana rock bar, single fin uluwatu or Tanah Lot, need expensive cost to enjoy the sunset. what if there is a place in Bali, which offers views of equal, but could be free or only pay for parking. we will provide 5 of the best places to see the sunset with free charge.

1 Tegalwangi Beach

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tegalwangi beach

if you do not have cost much to visit ayana rock bar, beach Tegalwangi is the right choice to see the sunset. Tegalwangi beach in the northern part ayana rock bar, on the beach Tegalwangi you can see the beautiful sunset and could see ayana rock bar on the south coast and in north you can see jimbaran bay,famous restaurant beside the beach offer seafood menu and best sunset view. so ayana rock bar and tegalwangi beach offer same views. many tourists use this beach for photos prewedding with background sunset. cost should you spend is IDR 5.000 / car. to see more complete Tegalwangi beaches can be found here. Detail Tegalwangi

2 Balangan Beach

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balangan beach

balangan beaches have always been the best place for sunset, but only the surfers who know this place. direct sea leads to the ocean makes gradation sunset on the beach balangan very beautiful. there are several cafes here selling drinks and food as well as beach chairs, but if you have a cost that is not much you can relax while lying on the sand enjoying the sunset. Detail Balangan

3 Blue Point Beach

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blue point beach

If you've heard the single fin Bali, you definitely imagine the beauty of the sunset from a restaurant over the hill. really, single fin is the best restaurant to enjoy the beauty of the sunset, a location close to the temple of Uluwatu made this place famous, and became one destination to enjoy a beautiful afternoon. but what if you want to see the beauty of the sunset similar but at a low cost. ?. blue point beach is the answer. The same beach locations with a single fin make the sun you will see is same. you just need to go blue point beach located below the restaurant single fin. down some stairs, you will see the beach is not wide, but the beautiful view from the rock cave. but if wave big you can not visit this beach. Detail Blue Point

4 Bingin Beach

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blue point beach

Bingin Beach is hidden beaches and has a beautiful view. area is still beautiful and natural with high waves. Stretch of beach directly adjacent to the cliffs offering views of the very beautiful and amazing. if afternoon you will see beautifull sunset with high wave. bingin beach famous from serfer,and now you can use for spend your afternoon time to see sunset. Detail Bingin

5 Dreamland Beach

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dreamland beach

dreamland beach is a beach that has a beautiful sunset. location was on the south balangan beach and in this part from north bingin beach, making dreamland beach have the same beauty sunset with both the beach. To reach the beach is not difficult because it is not far away from Ngurah Rai airport. A great way to reach this beach makes many tourists who visit here. dreamland beach is very crowded now, for you who want to have peace in beach, dreamland beach is not the right choice. Detail Dreamland

A great place to visit during the holidays in Bali, contact us if you are interested visiting this place, let discuss with me,might there are other places that we can combine for full day in bali. let's make the best schedule for your holiday

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Top 5 See Sunset In Bali Bali is unquestionably one of the best places see beautiful sunset beach bali, but many familiar places you hear like Kuta, Uluwatu, ayana rock bar, single fin uluwatu or lot of land, need expensive cost to enjoy the sunset.

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